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No limit to your dreams

by Vidya Sury July 17, 2003 0 comment
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good morning, ladies and gentlemen!!

sometimes i really wonder where my muse got lost. i suppose ‘she’ can be found if i really made an effort, but hey. the effort takes a mindset thats seldom easy to be in! ‘hectic’ is a word that comes to mind. i really want to publish a book. after i write it of course. yeah, am already thru with the dedications…which was the easiest part. and no, i didnt thank my Maker. i mean, i’ve started the book, havent i?? am tryin to put together some management ideas with case studies/examples. this brainwave hit me as i was surfing thru a bookstore for some reference stuff. i was pretty surprised to find that there were hardly any books that afforded the aspiring management student decent answers to questions…and if there were, they were expensive! and totally unrelated to the indian situation. there are loads of books that set out the same material… usually reproduced from foreign authors..i mean..i actually seriously compared and was stunned to find the reproduced material practically identical.

mannn…i am definitely more creative than that!! strangely enuff, i did my mba while i worked in a hectic job, and tho never actually intimidated by the assignments that had to be sent in, initially i wondered how i ‘d make it, since i happened to have majored in (hic!) zoology, botany and chemistry. but u know what?? life’s a great teacher…probably the best. children are next best, tho constantly competing. so, what with one thing and another, i turned out to be rather good with the examples and case studies. i mean, all i had to do was draw from everyday work experience and juz put it forth systematically. So, folks, we’re on the threshold of a book. we = me, i , myself. well…lemme tell you, i think i have a pretty good chance of at least making some moolah…becoz if some of the trash – in lousy english and inappropriate stuff – is being sold steadily…who can tell what heights i might reach!!!

i will endorse this = there is no limit to your dreams.. i mean.. no one can steal them from you.

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