i have folks askin me whether i found what i want from ryze, that wonderful online network!! well, these days my biggest quest is for that extra time beyond 24 hours in a day!! am so bogged down by routine…that its difficult to think beyond it. cant remember the last time i read a novel. cant remember the last time i did something purely for myself. cant seem to want to make small talk with people.

i guess its teachin me patience…but sometimes when one juz duznt want to be taught….its difficult to listen! i suppose everyone goes thru this kinda hiatus in life….but lemme tell u…its no picnic

one of the high points a couple of weeks back was goin to the british library with my son. was such a sight watchin him lounging in the bean bag in the kids section reading seriously. we went on to kfc afterwards and rounded off the evening with a smash at sapphire’s. his version of member = someone who’ll be re-membered by the establishment. cool eh? he’s begun to rhyme like crazy too. he’s growin, for sure.

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