A Beautiful Sunday Evening

September 6, 2009, 5.30 pm.

Smriti Diwas celebrated by Nisarga Academy to honor Pandit Bhatkande and Pandit Paluskar, two greats of Hindustani Classical Music.

Vidur is a student with Mrs Murthy, a wonderful teacher (who also performed Raag Kalavathy). His friend Swaahili and he performed Raag Yaman together – a 35 minute treat it was. What an amazing difference from last year! I felt a lot of mommy-pride when people came up to say ‘wow’ what a performance. 🙂 What can I say? Last year he was shorter than me…now he’s taller 🙂

The hall was packed with barely place to stand – and we had a fabulous evening that went pretty far into the night. We left after guest artist Ms.Bharati Pratap’s performance – Raag Chhaya Nat – which was like being fed with honey, drop by drop.

I wish I could upload Vidur’s video like his last year’s Brindavani Sarang solo performance – but my dear Canon could only handle 15 minutes of the performance after which it calmly informed me “memory card full”. I know what am getting this birthday – a couple of memory cards. A fitting gift. Sigh. But what I did record, turned out very well. Though it will take me some time to stitch the five 3-minute videos and upload them on YouTube. In the meantime – in this photo – the dude in the green kurta and white churidar (behind the two kiddies in front) is Vidur.

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    September 12, 2009 at 1:22 am

    This must have been such a fun evening. I hope you will post the video link soon. In the meantime, I really enjoyed his rendition of Brindavana Saranga. How nice to see a young boy with such and interest in and talent for Indian classical music!

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