Are You A Problem Solver?

I came across this lovely story, and it just about sums up how I feel about problems and solutions. My mother always said: “If you have a problem, then you definitely have the solution” Some attitude. I wish she was around to read this.

A lady lived in an apartment. Just as she was about to sleep every night, the neighbor’s baby would start bawling, crying as though there were no tomorrow. She couldn;’t sleep because the baby kept her awake. According to studies, if there’s one thing that tops the list when it comes to upsetting sounds, then it is a baby crying. Well – this baby continued to wail, night after night.

The lady had several choices. She could complain to the baby’s parents; plug her ears, yell back; she could complain to the apartment manager or she could move to another apartment.

However, she did none of those things. She thought about it – and figured that if she could hear the baby so clearly, then the baby ought to be able to hear her, too. So – the next night, the moment the baby began to cry, she sang and was thrilled when the baby quietened. 🙂 She didn’t mind doing this everyday.

I thought this was lovely – such a compassionate and creative way to solve the problem!

Point is – when we have problems, instead of getting bogged down by them or going nuts – it makes sense to channel the energy towards a possible solution. May not happen every time – but certainly worth a try. The simplest situations can get to us sometimes – and it is worth it to try to find a fulfilling solution instead of wishing the problem away.

Life is beautiful. Enjoy it.

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