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Some realities of Life

by Vidya Sury January 21, 2011 0 comment
It is really so very nice to talk about…LIFE – which can be a real four letter word sometimes. Life is always going to be a series of tough-and-easy – in turns.

The big winner is always attitude. I always like to think I’ve got a good attitude (okay – so we all freak out sometimes) but it really is not necessary to get totally worked up, unless it is a life-threatening situation. (And I’ve had some of those, too). That said, here are some gems you may want to reflect on:

  • Don’t blow problems out of proportion. Don’t make excuses for them. This reeks of a negative attitude. Instead, zero in on the facts of the problem. How does it affect your life? Is it low impact? Drop it.  Move on to more important stuff.
  • Show a positive attitude at all times. It creates a good atmosphere and influences the way people respond to you. Very few people scowl back at someone who smiles at them.
  • It’s just fine for people to have an attitude that is different from yours. It is not mandatory to follow the birds of a feather policy. Why should they be just like you? Rather, think about whether the person’s behavior will make for a good relationship. Would you get along with them? Being different might actually help create a balanced and healthier relationship

 There’s only one life. Be happy.

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