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What My Son Taught Me About Parenting

by Vidya Sury October 20, 2012 2 comments
I became a mother at 34. While I’ve always enjoyed being around children (still do) and voted the go-to baby-sitter of choice in the neighborhoods I lived in, it did not prepare me for parenthood. I try my best to be a good one, learning something new on an almost daily basis and today, I am blessed with a wonderful relationship with my now-teenage son.

I read somewhere that as challenging as it is for parents to bring up children, it is equally (if not more) challenging for children to bring up parents. It was an “A-Ha!” moment for me. And it got me thinking – what have I learned about parenting from children? Plenty…..

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I am so excited to share my first post over at Parentous, a new initiative by BlogAdda – the awesome guys who make my life happier by sending me books to review and now – this great blog on parenting, a place where, to quote them:

We want to curate all those experiences that go into making parenthood a fascinating experience and a roller coaster ride. We want parents to share everything that summarizes their journey – the surprises they plan, the surprises they receive, the moments while growing up, those funny yet insightful conversations, the joy of the ‘firsts’, the pain of losing a child, the empty nest syndrome that surrounds a home, the letters to future kids, the blog posts which shall be preserved as the 21st birthday gift – give them all to us and we shall share them with the world.  

I’ll be honored if you let me know what you think of the post! I hope to write there regularly.


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Terri Sonoda October 20, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Headed on over to check out your post! Hope your Saturday is going well. HUGSss

Unknown Mami October 20, 2012 at 4:33 pm

Off to read what you wrote and learn from what you learned.


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