Welcome to my new home!  Looks like I am finally here to stay, after the hide and seek my blog played with me. Frustrating for me, as I was eager to get in and settle down, but out of our control as there is no choice but to wait for the “dns propagation” What a shiny new word! It may look possible to control the world, but don’t think you can control the internet. Oh, but I think we can! We just have to switch off! Ha! Fat chance!

Okay – enough with crazy fantasies.  So how do you like the new look? I confess I am in love with it.  I drove Vanita pretty much crazy when she asked me to choose a design, or at least explain what I wanted.  I remember telling her I wanted “warm, cozy, easy on the eye, welcoming, clean, uncluttered, striking” all in one sentence. As I marvel at her patience, I can’t help smiling at how she steered me towards the sort of designs I would like. And of course, I found one. Happiness prevailed.

Actually, I had planned to get some photos of my street shopping fellas, but I always seemed to be rushing somewhere last week. Even Saturday and Sunday were busy with Vidur and Sury being occupied with work. Vidur has a 6-day school week and had an exam on Sunday while Sury had a conference which is still on.  Then, yesterday evening we went out to an official dinner. The fun part is, I haven’t even had work deadlines.  So I occupied myself, continuing to spring clean my house and enjoying the joy of giving. It has been a great week, and my heart is happy.

So, welcome again!

Tea Cups

Today, I am going to show you stuff around my house.  Again.  I hope you enjoy! As always, please click image to see original size.

What you see now is called a “Tanjore doll” This is a unique doll that comes in parts and is just assembled together by stacking. And then she dances, shaking her head, her torso and her hip. It is delightful to watch. This doll is made based on the principle of center of gravity.  Each part sits on the other and when you just touch it, the dancer begins to move. Tanjore is my native place in Tamil Nadu is is known for its rich culture, tradition and temples, designated as a world heritage site.

 Tanjore Doll
Tanjore Doll

Next up, are these pretty string wooden puppets from Rajasthan called “Kathputlis”. (Kath = wood and putli = puppet) They are wood heads (ha, ha) with stuffed bodies. They hang on our bedroom door.

Rajasthan Kathputlis – String wood puppets

The tribes of Rajasthan have been performing this art from the ancient times and it has become an eternal part of Rajasthani culture and tradition. No village fair, no religious festival and no social gathering in Rajasthan can be complete without the Kathputlis. It is believed that somewhere 1500 years ago, tribal Rajasthani Bhat community started the use of Kathputli as string marionette art and it is in their love for tradition that art of Kathputli survived the test of time. Tradition of Kathputli is based on folk tales and stories. Source: Wikipedia

Here is a Radha-Krishna artwork on our living room wall. It is sort of in a 3D effect with the characters set on a flat background. Rather beautiful. The main part of the frame is Krishna playing the flute with Radha at his side. At the bottom, Krishna is relaxing against a tree, playing the flute as his herd graze happily.

Radha and Krishna enjoying quality time as Krishna plays the flute

On another wall, we have this lovely wood inlay work of  peacocks, special in Southern India. It is quite a process to make this.

Wood inlay work India

On the other hand, though, I did not spend too long in painting these earthenware lamps.  I had a bit of paint lying around – and on a whim, thought why not!

Earthenware lamps

Let’s meet a musical group now. These guys make up an orchestra that one would commonly see at weddings, performing live.  These are wooden dolls from Channapatna, near where we live. Very beautiful. And yes, Michelle Obama loves them.


And just for fun, here’s a cute ceramic salt and pepper set:

ceramic salt and pepper set

Finally, here is a set of baby doll keychains I bought in Gangtok which we visited earlier this year. If you saw them, would you not buy them?

Baby doll keychains

So that’s it for today. I am still trying to get the hang of posting in WordPress. Oh, if you are wondering about the nifty background on some of these pictures – well, I got a little stack of handmade paper and thought it was fun.

Now let’s go meet Unknown Mami who hosts this link up, Sundays In My City. She holds the itinerary for our onward travel to other places! Or you can just click this badge!

Unknown Mami
What amazing thing did you do last week?
Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
Chinese Proverb
Happy week to y’all, friends!


  1. Hi Vidya,

    lol… At first, I thought you have moved to somewhere else as I see very nicey background on pics 😀

    The color of pics are lovely 🙂 Of course, the dolls are cute and would love to have.

    I didn’t get it at first sight, but the wood inlay seems remarkable. Is that a natural wood with two different colors (Sky and soil)?

    Painted Diyas using at Diwali festival, no? 🙂

    Today post is filled with lovely colors 😉

    Mayura recently posted…How to Add Google+ Followers Gadget in Blogger

    • Vidya Sury Reply

      🙂 Mayura – what a good feeling! The wood inlay is quite remarkable – it is a long process – yes I do think they stain the wood and produce those beautiful works of art. Yes, painted diyas are for Diwali decor.

      Thanks – looking forward to seeing you often!

  2. sis those diyas are so pretty. you don’t really use them right? they’re for show? i love them. and the mugs! everything else is pretty but these two are my favorite. by the way, i need a line to replace your “Confirm you are not a spammer” message. something more “Vidya Like”
    vanita recently posted…The Truth Behind Being A Famous Blogger

    • Hehe. No, Vanita…I wouldn’t use the diyas. Too cute to stain with oil and mess up. Weirdly, I haven’t used the mugs either. But only because they take very little quantity and we are mega-mug users. Yep – we’ll think up something cute for the spammer message. Hugs! Appreciate your support!
      Vidya Sury recently posted…Home Sweet Home

  3. Vidya, thanks for the lovely welcome, and for the tour of your treasures! Great that you’re up and running here, and we’ll be back often.
    Karen recently posted…Watch this space

  4. First of all, your new wordpress blog stayed in my follow list which is very nice so I don’t “lose” you.

    I like how you painted those little cups.

  5. Terri Sonoda Reply

    Hi Vidya. Gosh, there are so many things I love about this post! The first is your new, awesome website, of course! Yes, it is lovely, and very welcoming! Your pictures and descriptions charmed me today, I must say. I love those earthenware lamps and the little wooden music dolls. Oh yea, and the keychains are precious. Such color and detail! Thanks for sharing with us, my friend. My heart is full every time I come here to visit. Much love!
    Terri Sonoda recently posted…Monday Listicles – Ten Reasons I Rock

  6. Oh I am in love with the new place. Very clean indeed. I know a good friend who would die to have those peacocks! Her wedding was adorned with peacock feathers. It was gorgeous
    Kimberly recently posted…Punching 2013 In The Throat

  7. Hmmm…not bad at all..Haha..just kidding. It looks neat..And I loved all the pics too.. 🙂

  8. hey Vidya – your new blog is looking great! Good work. You’re now going to get the one question over and over – why didn’t you make the switch earlier?

    I love the simplicity of the new site and super easy navigation.

  9. Vidya, I love the new template. It is warm, inviting and cozy just like you intended. And, you do have some wonderful artifacts in your home. I love each one of them. It is a good move to switch to WordPress. Don’t we pay more for the domain at WordPress than blogger. Some day I want to do it too but have never really found time to get around to doing it.
    Rachna recently posted…Does Counseling help?

  10. Vidya, much happiness in your new home! I will bring bread and salt to the housewarming party! I think this ritual originates in Russia and I love it because it reminds of the essential things in life: a roof for protection and food, with some precious salt to spice it up. I love your new website, you know I am a fan of Elegant Themes, uncluttered, sleek and easy to navigate!

    Thank you for sharing your “stuff”: your kathputlis are my favourite, they invite us to play with them for an audience of grandchildren!
    Barbara recently posted…YOUR TURN! Vidya Takes Us to Heaven

  11. Love your pics and your new site Vidya. I can’t remember if I signed up again…so I’m going to do it now, I don’t want to miss a thing. Thanks for the tour of your home…you are such a little shutterbug…I need some lessons!

    Love Elle

  12. Cathy Taughinbaugh Reply

    Hi Vidya,

    Your new site is beautiful! I love the header with your name in black and red. I also love the uncluttered feel. It feels very warm and welcoming. Wonderful pictures as always. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Vidya, this is awesome! Congratulations on making the move. It is always wonderful to have a new home, kind of like a blank slate or a new diary with lots of pages to fill.

    I love the house tour. I feel like maybe you have 1.000.000 cool things hidden in closets and places and you could just keep pulling them out of your hat 🙂
    Julie | A Clear Sign recently posted…The Light Night Of The Soul

  14. Hi Vidya honey.. hey, I finally got here! I’m ding some ‘spring-cleaning’ and ‘re-decorating’ my site too.. Planning to merge to blogs into one, I’ve not started anything on the merger yet coz JUST ‘the idea’ is killing me! urghhhh!!

    This new place looks so cool! I like it, no.. LURVE IT!
    MamaTim recently posted…Messing with Mess

  15. Congrats, you made it! and this looks cool, I like it!
    I’m sure your home is very cosy…
    BLOGitse recently posted…life is good

  16. Vidya,
    Congratulations – I love your new site! And I’m glad everything is back up and running smoothly. I think you’re going to love WP – it took me a little while to get the hang of it, but once I did I couldn’t imagine using it now.
    You painted the little cups/lamps? They are so beautiful and sweet! I always love seeing bits from your life – makes me feel like we’re right there with you.
    Hugs and love!
    Jodi Chapman recently posted…Are You A Truth Speaker?

  17. Delicious photos, wonderful ornamental figures with excellent colors. Greetings.

  18. Frederico Azevedo Reply

    Dear Vidya, namasté!

    About Tanjore dancing doll, please help to find a site in India where I can buy one doll like yours.
    All be very graetful if you do it for me.


  19. The list of commonalities is never ending and like Dej¬ Vu…guess what my orginal family name or surname is Tanjaore!

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