Day 23 of the #AtoZChallenge  is W for Writers. And Wow! I am loving the Wonderful Writers I’ve “met” through this challenge. I love how we all evolve as writers – because it is a lifelong learning process. My only regret was not being around to visit and comment every day, as I really enjoy doing that. My internet time is currently limited. Ah, all in good time – when I am back home on May 2. I am looking forward to catching up!

Wikipedia defines “Writer” as “A writer is a person who uses written words to communicate ideas. Writers produce various forms of literary artand creative writing such as novelsshort storiespoetryplays, news articles, screenplays, or essays. Skilled writers are able to use language to express ideas and their work contributes significantly to the cultural content of a society

Today, I’ve got a fun poster that lists tips for writers.

25 ways to be a happy writer

I came across Chuck’s blog a couple of years ago when I signed up for the NaNoWriMo 2011 Challenge and really loved his writing style. He’s a published author (who didn’t even know how to build a website a few years ago) and his blog keeps me in splits. So let me share this funny, yet oh-so-true list of tips with you. Here you go! (I know there’s some profanity in there…but I think it is pretty well-placed and gets the point across.)

Writers #AtoZChallenge
Chuck’s How to be a happy writer

Isn’t that nice? No, make that great!

I loved this cartoon!

Writers Vidya Sury

And now, another funny cartoon – how long will it be before it comes to this? 

#AtoZChallenge W

W is also for WordPress and if you are contemplating  moving your blog to self-hosted WordPress, Vanita Cyril, is your go-to expert. Check her out here: or here. She can:

  • Move your blog
  • Design Your WordPress Blog
  • Rock your blog
  • Teach you to make Google love your blog

In fact, Vanita offered to do the “W” post. I was thrilled. Then I thought it would be nicer if I were home when she did it. I love her for offering to. So watch out for her post here in May – as it will be chockfull of tips that you can use immediately, just like her earlier post – 5 solid SEO tips for bloggers

Writers #AtoZChallenge

Today, I recommend

Pheno Menon’s blog

Ayush Chauhan’s blog

In closing..

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Maya Angelou



  1. Vanita is truly talented!
    I loved all the comics, Vidya and the 25 tips!!

  2. Corinne Rodrigues Reply

    I like the picture with the twice upon a time. My uncle at age 5 wrote a story that went: Once upon a, twice upon a, three times there was a man…….
    Corinne Rodrigues recently posted…Well Of Death

  3. I like the cartoon vidya, surely very good post ! thanks for sharing !

  4. Loved the cartoons and the 25 points.. so needed for a writer.

  5. Loved everything about this. Especially, twice once upon a time.

  6. Hahahahahaha. This made me smile and laugh out loud. Thank you so much and ooh so true. Fuck Money!! Write what you want to write and not what you think will make you money!

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