So it is October 31 and I am all excited about the NaNoWriMo – starting tomorrow – November 1. I am thrilled to see that more than 192,964 (and counting) people are enthusiastic about being part of this highly motivating initiative. Just the right push to get going on that novel – that book – you want to write.Β  I usually aim to finish the 50000 word limit before November 18 – and plan accordingly. Oh, the joy of writing.

For this year’s NaNoWriMo:

Here is what I plan to do. Yes, I am a rebel!

Short non-fiction ebooks – the idea is to self-publish
A memoirs-style book (my friends insist)
Collaborate with a couple of blogger friends
I have an offer from a client for an e-book which I am considering – it will be ghost-writing, but I am fine with that. My welfare home will benefit

How am I preparing?

Two weeks ago, I set myself assignments with weekly deadlines to help me ease into writing regularly. I do write regularly, but this practice is especially to work on my writing for November. So today, I am finishing something I intended to wrap up so I can begin the NaNoWriMo writing project tomorrow.

nanowrimo vidya sury

I’ve made a time-table from 5.30 am to 11.00 pm, fitting in routine stuff (bathing (no quickie showers for me), housework, freelance writing work (oh yes, my son loves flavored cheese), blogging, family time.

I’ll also be writing for my three blogs – Vidya Sury (this one), Coffee With Mi and Your Medical Guide.

I’ve made a meal plan for the month. (yes, really!). I enjoy cooking from scratch, so I’ve made lists for groceries and know what I’ll order, when and from where. I’ve got the lists in place. Our meals are accompanied by desserts, so… I like to make sure my folks get their just desserts. Ha ha!

I’ve got little pads and pencils tucked away in easily accessible places – the kitchen, by my bed, living room, wash fact, all those spots I reach out for at home.

I will be writing with a pen and paper as well as using my computer.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart – William Wordsworth

I am skipping my exercise hour – instead, I’ll workout with housework. I usually drive myself nuts tiring myself out doing it all on one day. For November, I’ll spread it and do an hour a day. Smart-leveraging the activity. Although, the number of times my doorbell rings is enough to keep me fit. Plus the calls on my land line phone (no I don’t have a cordless instrument).

I’ll begin the day with prayer as usual because it is one of the most feel-good things I do. Like me, God is multilingual and listens without interrupting which is more than I can say for some folks.

I’ll keep my spirits up by reading my favorite authors – P G Wodehouse, Rohinton Mistry, Stephen King, James Patterson, Jean M Auel, Janet Evanovich, John Grisham, Robin Cook, Richmal Crompton, Frederick Christian and Oliver Strange (Sudden Series), MAD Magazine, oh the list is endless. I will also be reading my favorite blogs and listening to my playlists – yes, I have lists of all-time, anytime groups of songs – Western and Hindustani Classical, Rock/Pop, old film songs etc.

And? I have encouragement on tap from my folks and friends! I love it when they bully me and ask “how many words today?” and keep me accountable.

I will be doing more in November than the rest of the year and reveling in it! There’s nothing I like better than some tight pressure!

So, I am counting down to tomorrow.

And am raring to go!

And now, some inspiring writing quotes for that push.

NaNoWriMo Vidya Sury

nanowrimo vidya sury writing

My all time favorite – saving the best for last:

Nanowrimo vidya sury

Β nanowrimo vidya sury

To those of you who celebrate it, Happy Halloween!

Here in India, we’re getting ready to celebrate Diwali or Deepavali – Festival of Lights! It is a long weekend, starting tomorrow and I am loving the thought of family being home for four days.

What motivates you to write?



  1. I’m so impressed with your advance planning, Vidya! As well as your dedicated schedule and the way you’ve organized it so you can also attend to the other important things in life. Yeah for you! I have no doubt you will accomplish your goals.
    Sandra Pawula recently posted…The Heart of October: Inspiring Links

    • I am off to a great start, Sandra – and I’ve found that getting it all in order in my mind keeps me self-motivated. πŸ˜€ I hope you’ll be writing too. Hugs. And thank you so much for the vote of confidence. πŸ™‚ It is what keeps me going, with a smile!

    • πŸ™‚ I love to plan, Lori. It makes me feel I’ve begun well. My head feels organized. πŸ™‚ Whether I actually finish writing a novel… I’ll have to wait and see, but I know I am going to have fun. Hugs and congrats on turning three!

    • Thanks, Pro! I am going to enjoy myself tremendously! Uh, I always do!
      I love how you wrote “wriet drukn”!

  2. Jairam Mohan Reply

    Awesome, even I signed up for NaNoWriMo based on your constant suggestions for the same, but I haven’t come up with any plan to figure out how to plug in 2000 words a day.

    But with a schedule such as yours, you are sure to come up with more than those many words. Stay motivated, stay focused, enjoy yourself in Nov.
    Jairam Mohan recently posted…Karna – The curse of Parasurama

    • So glad you’re in it, Jairam! Read your beginning words today over at WT. Keep on keeping on! πŸ˜€ About the 2000 words, as if you need a plan. You are a dynamo.

    • Wow, Betsy – I admire you for writing with your busy schedule. Hugs! We should talk soon! My new laptop has a webcam! Yay!

    • Thanks, Rachna. I am keen on this – not sure whether I’ll complete all I set out to do, but that’s not a problem. I love being busy! Happy Diwali!

  3. My goodness .. I need a week to complete one blog post ! can learn something abt organization from you !
    Good Luck Vidya !
    Ruch recently posted…The Circle of Life

    • He he..Ruchira. I am totally keyed up. I love it best when I am over-loaded with stuff. Hugs! Thank you!

  4. this is one of the most impressive plans set up for the Nanowrimo Ive ever read.. I mean meal plans too ? πŸ™‚

    All the best.. its gonna be a very hectic month, I can see.
    Roshan R recently posted…The Games We Play

  5. Tess The Bold Life Reply

    You blow my mind. I wish you were my neighbor;) xo

    • πŸ™‚ Absolutely, Kaarina, let the games begin!

      You know what? I do most of what I listed on a regular basis. πŸ˜€ I didn’t realize that it would sound like a heckuva lot, written down like that! It is a trick I enjoy…on days when I feel I haven’t accomplished much, I simply list whatever I did and feel good again.

      I am so happy we are in this together, my dearest friend! πŸ™‚
      Vidya Sury recently posted…Wabi Sabi – Celebrating Imperfection

  6. Hi Vidya,
    Since your last post on NaNoWriMo I’ ve been trying to write copiuosly.It is taxing but i tell myself what i wrote to overcome this…
    Just work regardless of your performance,your imperfection.Even if the results you produce appear ameturish keep at it because these very imperfections and follies will serve as fertilizer for your success,simply because they help you learn how to do things better.
    Recall how you learnt to walk perfectly?you just kept tottering around ,falling down ,getting up bbrushing it off and tottering again.Finally you tottered no more,you walked your perfect never got bored of falling and getting up again and again.
    You simply need to emulate that baby experience again and again in pursuit of your goals all along your life.Just keep a simple faith in your work.
    richmiraclefiles recently posted…Elusive Search for Predictability

    • Mona, such a beautiful example! Slow, steady, consistent and undeterred by obstacles.

      Your comments always add so much value to what I write, you know. Thank you so much. I’d love to see what you are writing, because you are one of the best writers I’ve come across.

      Hugs! Vidya
      Vidya Sury recently posted…How Do You Spell Love?

  7. Carolyn Hughes Reply

    What a fabulous plan to get you into Nanowrimo. I am joining you in Nanowrimo but I have to confess I am not anywhere near as organised as you! Enjoy your writing Vidya πŸ™‚
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted…Miss you.

  8. My Inner Chick Reply

    ***I’ll begin the day with prayer as usual because it is one of the most feel-good things I do. Like me, God is multilingual and listens without interrupting which is more than I can say for some folks.***

    This is one of the reasons I love you more than yellow tulips in spring. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    My Inner Chick recently posted…Keep Holding On. Footage of Kay’s Last Days.

  9. WOW, with a plan like that I know that you will succeed and write something memorable and amazing in the process. How exciting! I am cheering you on in the wings! β™₯
    Kathy recently posted…Liebster Award!!

  10. Gita sharma Reply

    have you started writing & how is it going.I do or can write but I need to get into a mood and then my narrative goes on ,Probably when dead lines are there you need to programme yourself & get into the rhythm
    Good luck I am sure you will do it .may be it would be nice to wite a narrative bringing out your life with your mom like Nehrus Letters to my daughter, Every experience is an eyeopener all you need to is pass a thread thru these beads and make a lovely chain
    good luck again
    hugs gita

  11. Thanks for your nice impressive planning Really i liked this tips planning .

  12. Wow, you are in inspiration, Vidya! Good to see someone planning everything so meticulously! All the very best to you! Lately I have been so lethargic, I love planning but I fail at execution! Now I really have to buck up and start getting better at executing stuff! πŸ˜€ But reading your posts and seeing how people actually get their organizing and planning to work for them is so encouraging! Here’s to more inspiring people like you! I’ll look forward to your end result! πŸ™‚
    Deepa recently posted…5..4..3..2..1..Surprise!

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