5 Tips to Turn Temper Tantrums Into Teachable Moments

Turning Temper Tantrums into Teachable Moments Vidya Sury

So my friend Samara and I were chatting about how tough it is to parent, and of course, also acknowledging how rewarding it is to watch our little ones grow into kind human beings. Along the way, we often have to put on those rose-colored glasses to see the bright side of everything and try to make the most of this wonderful experience that is parenting.

Of special note are the temper tantrums–it is almost as if toddlers wake up programmed to drive us nuts–and then make our hearts melt when we see them sleeping peacefully…finally…at the end of the day. Usually. As the mom of a nineteen year old, I can’t help but miss those days, because now they’ve turned into fond memories.