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Life Happens, Coffee Helps. Always

by Vidya Sury December 26, 2019 12 comments
When life happens coffee helps

It’s been a mixed month as usual. The colder weather means severe sinus headaches, the possibilities of colds and infections—and in short—life happens. We try and manage as best as we can as we focus on all the good things.

It’s weird though. I am usually organized but the past few weeks have overwhelmed me, what with falling sick and being in pain and doctor’s visits. And here I was, happily thinking of my son’s visit and singing “all I want for Christmas is you”. To be fair, though, I did get what I wanted, and then some.

I am still not okay, but didn’t want that to stop me from listing what I am grateful for.

Here we go then.

Life happens coffee helps

What I am grateful for

Son’s visit

The highlight of this month for me is my son’s visit. So glad he’s home for three weeks. As usual he’ll be busy with working on his project and studying and writing exams. Some of the exam centers are so far off but we make the most of it.

I accompany him and catch up on my reading and walking around the campus and sometimes, also making nice connections with other parents.

One such contact was a lovely lady whose life’s milestones were so similar to mine that it was spooky—right up to her mom passing away from a lung disease. Cosmic, right? Interesting!

And of course, I always enjoy walking around doing nothing much other than maybe looking for coffee and simply appreciating my surroundings.


Grateful for friends dropping by earlier this month and staying over. It meant a shopping binge in the local market and that’s always fun. Nothing like visiting an export surplus outlet and trawling through loads of stuff that’s fascinating and unbelievably cheap—with a couple of pieces we’ll probably never wear once we bring home. It’s the joy of the experience, more than anything else, and coming home pleasantly tired, AND doing a fashion show trying on everything. Yep. That still excites me! So glad I have company.


It’s always wonderful when son’s home for his break—even if it is short—because I love cooking his favorite stuff. Somehow, life happens when we are happiest. The food fest was cut short by the tummy bug we all caught. Still. Looking at the bright side.

Sick and recovering

Right now, we are taking turns to fall sick. My son and I are still down and recovering—and it is so exhausting. We’re looking at huge dental stuff for my husband which I guess we’ll tackle shortly because so much to do. Although, we can’t always quote the life happens excuse. Yet we do. Just grateful we are together at this point.

Consequently, I barely got any work done this month but I am taking it easy. When life happens, we have to acknowledge and do what’s best for us, right? So grateful I am my own boss!

Shopping, packing

It’s that time again when my son will return to college for his last semester. Apparently, they’re having one of the coldest winters ever, right now. We’re busy making shopping and packing lists for winter stuff, taking stock of what needs to be replaced, etc. Long process, looking for reasonably priced things that are also good quality. However, it’s something we enjoy doing. Grateful to those shops that will home-deliver. Saves so much time, especially now, when we are all sick and recovering.


When life happens, we have to look for the silver linings. One of them this month, for me, is the #DecBookLove book challenge on Instagram, running all month, where we post our book picks for the day based on prompts. It is a lot of fun because, besides stressing over which book to pick among the thousands that seem a perfect match, it has been great to revisit a lot of books on my shelves. I grew up in a family where an entire floor was devoted to the library–we all had duties to maintain it and it was a happy haven to escape to.

What with mostly reading ebooks these days, I often miss sitting with a stack of physical books. And guess what—so many I haven’t read yet. Thankful for the pleasant experience.

Thursday Tree Love

This is my tree for Parul’s ThursdayTreeLove blog hop.

This tree sits on my son’s campus in one of the corners, with a little lily pond behind it. When that is in bloom, it is a deep blue. It is such a beautiful sight during winter and I cannot wait to see how it looks now.

Life Happens Coffe Helps Thursday Tree Love

Not sure what it is called—I did Google it but gave up. Do you know what it is? The blue skies are the perfect backdrop for the pleasantly yellow leaves and one can occasionally see someone taking a selfie there. We were no exception.

Tree on campus Life Happens

The photos make me so happy! And it is always fun to revisit that spot to see how the tree has grown. There are some other trees on campus I like to keep track of – and I am always amazed at how different they look each time we visit.

My community

Last and certainly never the least, is my gratitude to my lovely Lady Bloggers Engage community, an exclusive group of dedicated women bloggers who have your back in terms of sharing your posts, commenting on them, supporting you on social media and always being around to answer any questions related to blogging and related stuff and anything else.  If you’d like to grow your blog and be part of this group, and rewarded for your participation, register here today: LadyBloggersEngage

And as always, grateful for my family and friends.

That’s a wrap for the December 2019 Gratitude Circle post!

Life happens when you are planning other things

What was December like for you? Did you celebrate Christmas?

Are you in holiday mode?

What do you do when life happens?

Tell me in the comments. Or write a post and add it to the linky below.

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Happy 2020 ♥

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Mahati ramya adivishnu December 28, 2019 at 6:21 pm

Actually, iam on the same bucket as you Vidya. In our family,we are also taking turns being sick. As you said, at this point of time iam grateful that we, as family are together, my employer is providing me a flexible work schedule.

Birgit December 28, 2019 at 10:06 pm

I am so happy that you had your son over the holidays and could cook even though you are all ill. I have no idea what that tee is but would loventhe see the flowers…deep blue? Sounds like such a unique tree. Of course, I celebrated Christmas and it was beautiful. I had taken a week off before Christmas to decorate and that week really helped. My friend came to visit for a few days which was a lot of fun. I actually baked like a fiend which took up time away from wrapping but my hubby stepped in and helped. We had no snow which sucked but you can’t have everything and I am blessed to have my family over for dinner and the gift exchange on Christmas Eve. This time of year, I really miss my mom but I also smile at how much she gave Christmas to me.

Shalzmojo December 29, 2019 at 8:13 am

Sounds like you had a lot of up and downs altogether this month. So happy to know you have enjoyed time with your son being over though the illness certainly must have dampened the spirits. I hope you all are feeling much better now.

That tree sure is gorgeous and I am in love with it too. Wish there was a close up of the leaves- might have helped to identify it.

I am so glad to see you enjoying the bookstagram with us- it was Soumya’s clever little idea and I am so happy she asked me to join the ride with her. Your book selections have been amazing and I can tell that you have been really digging into your shelves to take them all out and share with us.

Here is wishing you much joy and love for the New years and hope 2020 brings far more blessings and happy tidings than 2019 🙂
Shalzmojo recently posted…#BookView- Browsing the bookshelf for #TBRChallenge2020

Shilpa Garg December 30, 2019 at 8:57 pm

Aah! The ebb and flow of life. I like that you see positivity despite some gloomy things. Hope you all are feeling better now. Take care of yourself. The winters in the north are breaking all records. It’s soooo damn cold, so yes, your son will need heavy duty warm wear! Have a great time and a wishing you a fab 2020!
Shilpa Garg recently posted…10 Ways to Use Goodreads

Leana Lourens December 31, 2019 at 11:37 am

Good morning Vidya. I am actually drinking my morning cup of coffee while reading this. I’m so glad that your son is visiting you must be so happy! Goodluck to him with the last semester. I hope all of you get well soon, sinus and flu is not a joke. 🥰❤️

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Ashh Akanksha January 1, 2020 at 4:56 am

It was a mixed month infact a mixed year for me as well Vidya. When i look back, i don’t think i achieved much this year and that’s okay! The best thing happened to me is i met my nephew (my little sister’s) baby boy this year and also i went to a little vacation to Scotland this month with my husband and son. We made most of it and that’s what is important. Hope you are okay and not in much pain now. Sending love and light for the upcoming year .

Sanch at Sanch Writes January 1, 2020 at 5:48 am

I’m sorry you and your family have been sick this past month! That really sucks. Hope you’re on the mend for good and that the year ahead brings better health. That tree looks amazing. And yay for friends and your community. Take care Vidya and here’s to a fab 2020
Sanch at Sanch Writes recently posted…Goodbye 2019 #Yearinreview

Parul Thakur January 1, 2020 at 8:12 pm

Sorry about the lows and the health issues. I agree that life happens amidst all those lows and things that don’t go planned. Good at least you three were together. I have seen the Mohali campus from outside and I know from your posts that it is a beautiful one. The weather there is so cold right now. My folks are also talking about it.
And in Bangalore we getting infections and throat problems.
I love that tree and how beautiful it is 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Vidya!
I wish you a happy 2020 and may the lows and worries of 2019 fly away. Hugs and love!
Parul Thakur recently posted…Goodbye 2019

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G Angela January 18, 2020 at 3:48 pm

So nice to read your post vidya, no matter what happens I like your attitude, which is so positive and I can feel the sense of gratitude flowing through everything you spoke. Loved the trees, visiting from parul’s tree love posts, thanks for inspiring – hope you and your family are in good health. December was difficult for me as I had persistent cough and added to that was a travel for christmas to velankanni shrine with family, followed by a wedding in the extended family. Managed with the cough all through the events. Now I am almost healed with alternative system of medicine, otherwise with too much of allopathy i was feeling drugged.
G Angela recently posted…Tree Love 72


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