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I have outsourced my headache!!

by Vidya Sury August 7, 2008 1 comment

Life’s such a rush these days – there seems to be a perpetual headache all the time – partly this can be attributed to our lovely Bangalore weather, which like a confused person, can’t seem to make up its mind about a steady state. Amazingly, we desperately need the fan’s breeze the moment the 2-hour power cut starts. Then of course, we have our favorite hand-operated ‘punkha’.

Coming back to this headache – I decided to outsource it. I thought about it – and found it rather easy to do. I felt at my wit’s end at first, but I have found a clever way to ease the pressure.

It’s time out time, folks!

Here’s what you do:

  • Create just ten minutes for yourself (I know this could be the toughest part – but bite the bullet and do it). Make sure there are no interruptions – this means you switch off your mobile phone, take your land line off the hook or just kill the volume – whatever)
  • Sit alone or lie down comfortably (I go for the lie down – harder to get up, you see)
  • Close your eyes
  • Consciously, feel yourself breathe, as you inhale and exhale – developing an easy rhythm as you do so.
  • Think of a scene that appeals to you, that makes you feel pleasant all over – bringing on a sense of tranquility – a calm mountain with a quiet stream with the lukewarm rays of the sun in the clear dry air does it for me. Or maybe a quiet beach and the faint sound of the waves might work.
  • Put yourself in this scene you have visualized – and focus on your breathing.
  • Stay with this feeling for about five minutes
  • Now very slowly, open your eyes.
  • Continue to sit, or lie down for a minute or two
  • Get up (I also stretch luxuriously and slowly)
  • Go about your usual stuff

You won’t believe how invigorating the above can be until you actually try it. It’s not mumbo jumbo. It works. Actually it is a bit like self-hypnosis – and you’ll be surprised how this becomes a habit for a whole lot of situations when you are feeling stressed out. Costs nothing – except sparing yourself a well-deserved ten minutes.


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