I am ashamed of myself

Folks, it has been staring me in the face – and I didn’t recognize it.

I can’t believe I’ve been such a complete **** (you have the liberty to decipher that)
I mean – I’ve kind of felt good about the fact that I always respond (positively or negatively) to everyone and everything. But – I can’t imagine how this totally bypassed my sensitivites. Ugh.
I kinda hate myself. 
Reminds me of an early date who gave me a beautiful red rose and I ate it – petal by silky petal – absolutely unselfconsiously – never once noticing my date’s change in experession… and to top it, I told him it tasted great. The poor guy couldn’t decide whether I was being provocative or – um – let’s not say it. Because I was not being provocative. Sigh. 
So – why am I hating myself now? Because – in spite of browsing around and really enjoying myself reading all the fabulous blogs I come across – AND sometimes commenting – AND seeing the response to the comments, it never once struck my rhino-category hide to actually respond to the comments on my blog. Granted that I don’t have the comments flowing in like a tide – but hey, diamonds are diamonds. 🙂 In any case – I apologize to all those who have commented on various posts – for not responding. From my heart. Sorry!
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