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Change your life. Learn to Say No

by Vidya Sury January 11, 2011 2 comments
Learn to say no

Yes – to change your life, all you have to do is learn to say NO at the right time. Simply because you deserve to be happy and lead a fulfilling life. Why wallow in self-pity and guilt just because someone bullied you into doing something you did not want to, in the first place?

Learn to say NO.

This magic word can not only change your life, but help you reclaim your time and actually lead you unto happiness. If you find it hard to say NO, you are not alone. It certainly isn’t always easy. But that doesn’t mean you relax in the comfort zone of not saying NO. It won’t protect you or your time or your energy.

So how do you say NO without feeling miserable about it?

learn to say no without explaining yourself

Here are six tips you can use:

Say No, thanks
This one’s the easiest way. You thank the person for considering you, and then say No. 

Buy time
Maybe you say yes on impulse, because it is expected of you. Next time, ask for time to think about it. Then – decide whether you really want to say yes, or no. 

Think of an alternative
Perhaps you don’t want to concede to a specific request, but are willing to do something else. If this is true, express it. It will give you the option to do what you want. 

State your reason Be honest. If there is a “why” you want to say no, say it, provided you are okay with that. If not, just say that you don’t have the time right now. 

Tell it like it is
Just say you’re sorry you can’t. Simple. So maybe you feel guilty for a little while, but that’s nothing compared to the relief you’ll feel later. 

Elect someone
It could be that even though you can’t say yes, you know someone who’s perfect for the job. So suggest him or her.

By saying NO today, take control of your time. 

Recognize your priorities. Change your life.

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monu January 12, 2011 at 6:05 am

True 🙂

Absolutely True 🙂

Vidya Sury January 12, 2011 at 6:34 am

🙂 True, but so tough to handle, nevertheless. Do you like the new look?


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