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Moving By Faith And Intuition

by Vidya Sury June 28, 2013 16 comments

Today, I am delighted to feature my friend Ajen of AM Experience blog with her guest post “Moving by faith and intuition

We met in March 2012 when we both commented on a mutual friend’s blog post.  Ajen emailed me, inviting me to contribute a couple of paragraphs  to share my perspective about love and how the expression of love is a motivating force in my life for her magazine.  Our friendship was born. Then, she invited me to guest blog at her site.  We keep in touch via email and enjoy our communication.  So in the course of one of these conversations,  Ajen graciously agreed to step on my Red Carpet. And here she is, with a beautiful post!

Over to you, Ajen!

Moving by Faith And Intuition

by Ajen

Not too long ago, intuition coach and author, Angela Artemis, sent an email asking if I could share my thoughts about intuition. Though it appeared to be a rather easy task to do, I had a difficult time responding to the question as I found myself in deep thought about my own intuition.

From this process, I have learned that in order for me to explore my intuitive senses, I needed to look at how I am exercising my faith.

According to my own spiritual beliefs, faith is something that one exercises by doing good deeds with conscious knowledge of what one is doing. Therefore, for instance, if I wanted to deliver a good speech on the chocolate industry, I would first make sure that I am up to date on not only chocolate, but also find out about its consumers, the suppliers, and its value-added products, and even the complementary ingredients along with their industry statistics. Second, I would do my best to present the information that I had at that moment in time.

Having faith is not as easy as it seems sometimes. Self-doubt gets in the way and fear of the unknown sets in as one considers past experiences of failures and the potential pressure from future success. It can be limiting when you think about such things. That is what happened to me.

I have a lot going on in my life; and during this reflective period, I discovered that I have placed great pressure to do things right. I found myself questioning what exactly the issue is and questioning my “knowledge”.

Asking myself, “Am I smart enough” was quite debilitating as my initial response was, “Well there is always something new one can learn.”

Through my continued reflection, I remembered that learning is a never-ending process. It was important for me to understand that all that I can do the best that I can do with the information that I have at the present moment in time. …and from this understanding, I saw how moving by faith, which is achieved through good actions with conscious knowledge, is at the essence of me contributing to make the world a better place than the previous day.

So now enter in intuition.

trust your intuition

To me, I see intuition is slightly different from faith. I believe that intuition is a state in which a person acts in the world without conscious reasoning. Being the mechanism to employ one’s knowledge to a particular situation, reasoning causes one to pause before they make a decision to perform an action of good intentions. To do this without reason, one is not taking a leap of faith, one is rather using intuition.

…and the $64 million question is …do I have it?

The answer is, yes.

It took me sometime to recognize it as I often think too much about what I am doing. I discovered this one day, when I started an old habit out of the blue. Calling people as soon I thought of them. I would go visit them, give them a call, send them an email or a simple text message letting them know that I am thinking about them.

Sometimes I would hear, “I was just thinking about you”, or “I was just talking about you, were your ears burning?” Other times, I find out that my reaching out to them was needed at that very moment. Some have told me this that day and others have told me days or months later.

My intuition presents itself when I not even thinking about it. This is its nature. Because of this, I believe that there are many times, I must have acted on intuition but I was not really paying attention to what I was actually doing.

How many times have you given a response similar to “I do not know why I did it, it just needed to be done” when someone asked you about your good deed?

This is intuition. It is about risking that you are reading your intuition correctly when being proactive.

My process of reflecting on my faith and intuition is a continuous one and I am grateful for this. Instead of worrying about whether I have intuition or not, I am beginning to place greater faith in my intuition. It will kick into to gear when it is called to do so.

So if by chance you currently find yourself in the position that I was in a few weeks ago, here are three easy steps to help you to place greater faith in your intuition:

Step 1: Detach. Let go of the past. Let go of the outcomes. How you ask? You do this by being present. See Step 2.

Step 2: Exercise your faith. Here’s the formula I am working with: conscious knowledge + the action of good deeds (or in other words, being the best person you can be for that very moment of time). Doing good work is one thing; however, being presently aware and conscious of what you are doing in a given moment is another. Seriously, take some time to reflect on this. Every action you perform has a direct and indirect influence in your life as well as the lives of others. If anyone questions your actions, can you honestly say that you were doing the best you can, given the understanding that you had at that moment in time? Strive to have conscious knowledge. Be present.

Step 3: Do your best not to worry. For the sake of not making this post any longer than it already is, I must refer you to one of my earlier posts about worry. In a nutshell, I consider worry a state where one is overly concerned about the unknown; and I describe the best way to prevent worry is to gather as much information as possible. Believe me, it works!

Gathering information comes from simply asking questions:

  • Ask your family and friends for their perspective.
  • Ask inspiring people through mutual friends
  • Read inspiring autobiographies /biographies.
  • Pray, ask God, the Universe.
  • Be still and ask yourself.

Because I believe that we are called to understand our present moment so that we can be who we are called to be, I think that being still enough to ask yourself for understanding is of the utmost importance.

Ancient sayings suggest that the expression of wisdom comes from not knowing. I agree. We can have great understanding of “knowledge experience”, and yet we do not know. I say this because there is always an exception to the rule and life’s circumstances can always change in a twinkle of an eye. Having a great understanding of what our present situation is while being detached from future outcomes allows us to exercise our faith as we move through this world with grace. The more we go through this process, the greater our intuition benefits. As I write this, I am reminded of a saying from my spiritual faith: “As ye have faith, so shall your powers and blessings be… this is the balance… this is the balance… this is the balance.” Mmmm…perhaps my powers and blessings are what amounts to my intuition.

May we all be willing to allow our intuition take the lead to make this world a better today than yesterday. Let’s continue to exercise our faith everyday!

Thank you, Ajen!

Intuition AjenAjen loves to find metaphors in random places. Professionally, she uses thought provoking experiential activities to facilitate the discovery of metaphors which can aid in self-learning and building personal or professional deeper relationships. She speaks, writes and blogs about the use of metaphors in developing person-centered relationships on a personal level as well as professional level.

She is the founder and co-owner of A. Meliora and a publisher of AM Experience. Do check out her first podcast with Kaje Thomas of  Full Circle Life Coaching and her latest blog post: 3 reasons to jump in and take risks.

Now, question for you:

Do you have faith in your intuition? Please share an experience!


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Mary Stephenson June 28, 2013 at 2:05 am

Hi Vidya

Very interesting post. I get the connection of intuition by interaction, which I gather this is basically referring to.

But I also feel that intuition at times is just knowing, but for no other reason than just knowing one should do something. On one occasion I turned around and moved the lamp that had been on the garage floor (don’t remember why it was there…maybe we were painting) I moved it about 12 inches…don’t know why but just felt compelled to move it. Hours later I went out in the garage and found that a ladder had fallen and if the glass lamp had remained in the original spot it would have been broken. Things like that happen to me and when I listen it prevents other things from happening. Just have to listen more often as when I don’t I am usually sorry I didn’t.

Mary Stephenson recently posted…Contemplating The Power of Fear

Ajen June 28, 2013 at 3:05 am

Vidya, thank you so much for hosting this post on your lovely site. I blushed when seeing it for the first time 🙂 I am humbled to be on your red carpet.


Mary, thank you for sharing your thoughts! I am always in a great state of wonder after discovering that I avoided a problem or I received a benefit of some kind because I made the decision to do the right thing without seemingly thinking or knowing about it.

I am so glad you moved the gas lamp when you did 🙂

Like you, I listen. It seems to be that I am developing a deeper sense of listening through unconsciously and consciously learning from my past experiences. In many ways, I think that this applies to everyone in some way.

Just a thought: have you ever had a situation where you actually thought about doing something, however, didn’t and then finding out later that you wished you had done it? I cannot be the only one that this has happened to… situations like this causes me to trust my gut more sometimes even to the point that I do not think to question it.

Mary Stephenson June 28, 2013 at 3:23 am

Yes Ajen, many a time I knew that I should do this or do that and didn’t listen and was very sorry. Many times it came as say this “……” to someone or do this …. and the results were not good. It sometimes was a very insistent order, but I ignored or couldn’t justify the action. I am more inclined to listen but now I am trying really hard to blurt out my thoughts at the moment they come up. (I am more inclined to think before I speak, so this becomes difficult to go against what I am used to.)
It would have saved me a lot of grief if I had acted on many an intuition.

Mary Stephenson recently posted…Contemplating The Power of Fear

Ajen June 28, 2013 at 10:35 pm

HI Mary, I enjoy reading you comments and I found myself reflection on this one. I admire how you want to listen more to your intuition. From what you have shared, you are given many opportunities to exercise your listening abilities. I think we all are given many opportunities.

The topic of intuition is very subjective. I am always interested in what people think about it. Part of me wonders what your thoughts are regarding discovering ways to find a balance between speaking up and out when the moment warrants it and thinking about what is necessary to say or do when immersed in a situation. Is this possible? Does one apply in only in certain situations while the other has it is own set of applications?

…and then there is wisdom. You do not have to answer, but this is the reflective question for the day: how does “wisdom”, intuition”, and “thinking” exist in one’s life?

My husband and I are reflectively working on an analogy to answer this. It is a fun process as we often use different lenses to look at life and life’s experiences.
Ajen recently posted…AM Experience

Mary Stephenson June 29, 2013 at 2:34 am

Hmmm….may be a gut feeling and reflecting on possible outcome if you don’t act. I am trying this more often, also how long to stay silent, may be answers will come without interaction on my part.
Mary Stephenson recently posted…Contemplating The Power of Fear

Debbie June 28, 2013 at 4:16 am

Very interesting post Ajen. I have found that listen to ones intuition does pay off. Sometimes when i get into my car, my intuition is telling me to be careful. I know I had better listen, because it never fails that some driver I need to watch out for, so there isn’t an accident.

I believe that God has given us this sense for a reason and if we don’t listen as you say, we shall wish we had.

To me it is meant to protect us, the ones we love and even strangers at times.

Thanks Vidya for sharing this post of Ajen.
Again I am smiling.

Debbie recently posted…Parent Alert: Who Is Really Raising Your Kids?

Ajen June 28, 2013 at 10:47 pm

Thank you Debbie 🙂 I love that we have been given the gifts of intuition, thinking, reason, wisdom, etc… Very generous, indeed! Without these gifts, I do not think that we as a civilization would have progressed much. Like you, I believe that they all serve to protect us and others: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Ajen recently posted…AM Experience

Betsy/Zen Mama June 29, 2013 at 4:19 am

Ajen and Vidya,
I really enjoyed your intuition post. Recently we had quite an experience with the sale of a house. We weren’t really planning on selling our house quite yet but had an opportunity. Our intuition said to take it, even though we didn’t have another house yet. So glad we did because everything fell into place and we’re living in a wonderful new house. I’ll check out your website, Ajen!
Betsy/Zen Mama recently posted…The Fine Mingling of Holding On and Letting Go

Ajen July 1, 2013 at 11:40 pm

Hi Betsy! I am glad that you enjoyed the post. It is amazing how we are given many opportunities to develop our intuition. Some come into our lives subtly and others are …well… right there standing before us. Nevertheless, following our intuition brings us to a better place in life (even if we do not realize at the time). From what I have read, you are in a wonderful new place 🙂 Sending you lots of warn thoughts as my house warming gift to you!

Elle June 29, 2013 at 4:23 am

Nice to meet you Ajen, and thank you Vidya for the introduction.

It’s no coincidence that you should write “being presently aware and conscious of what you are doing in a given moment”. I’ve been saying to myself a lot recently, be here now. Which always brings my awareness right into the now moment, the place of all power.

I notice that as I do that, I experience a feeling of joy at simply being. Which of course makes me want to do it all the more. Win/win.

I’ve also got this little trick with my intuition, seeing it as God in action in my life, when I’ve misplaced something I’ll say, thank you father for I found it. Amazingly enough, I then go about my business, until I’m ‘led’ to the place where the missing article is.

It works 99% of the time for me.

Elle recently posted…Smart Ways To Beat Your Manifesting Blocks

Ajen July 1, 2013 at 11:48 pm

Elle, I like that “trick” you play with your intuition! To me, it sounds like you acknowledging the moment as well as being grateful for it. Sitting here thinking of myself doing the same, I feel like I would be calling myself to be mindful as well as responsible as I glean opportunities of understanding from the moment. …nothing like being still and letting go of the outcomes to have the small details and the big picture come to light 🙂

My Inner Chick June 29, 2013 at 9:06 am

Hello, Ajen! I loved this post.

How ironic.

We were just talking about intuition today. I believe we were given this sixth sense as a gift, but many of us do not listen to these important voices inside our heads. Do we?

WE must. We MUST.

By listening and acting, it could make the difference between life and death…good and bad.

I truly believe this.

Thank you.

Ajen July 2, 2013 at 12:04 am

Hi Kim, Thank you for your thoughts! I wholeheartedly agree with you. I believe that I need to continue to exercise my ability to listen to my learned and innate senses.

“Listen” is the word!

…oh and I TOTALY agree that our life is dependent on us listening. Parts of me would like to take it a step further and say that one of the purposes of this life is to listen… it is to “know”… and it is to “love” by being grateful for the opportunities to develop our inner listening ear.

Bhavya June 29, 2013 at 4:58 pm

What a brilliant post Ajen. Loved this.
We are blessed to have been blessed with an intuition. In many cases, I have now learnt to trust my intuition more than to go ahead and accept what my brain tells me is right. The whole experience kind of changes you when you know that you have such deep a power within you, the Universe speaks to you, and you can listen if only you shut out the noises and learn to listen.
Bhavya recently posted…On a Rainy day…!

Ajen July 2, 2013 at 12:12 am

Bhavya, I am glad that you enjoyed the post! Yes we are blessed to have intuition. …it is a deep power! What I am discovering is that it is a true connection with the Universe. Shutting out the noise helps; however, for some of us, learning how to shut the door is the first step to creating a quite listening space.

…keeping the door shut is another.

Fortunately, we are given years… a lifetime… to learn how to do this!

Shaun Hoobler August 10, 2013 at 1:25 pm

“Do your best not to worry.” For a worry wart like me, it’s a little hard to do. But great post nonetheless..
Shaun Hoobler recently posted…secret recipes discount


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