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From Nature, With Love #MeAndNature

by Vidya Sury March 2, 2017 3 comments
from nature, with love Vidya Sury

If you take care of Nature, Nature will take care of you.

We enjoy watching this video on TV, mainly because Banjara’s is a brand whose products our whole family loves and enjoys using.

My most recent addition to my personal list of Banjara’s products is their Samvridhi hair oil—read my post about this wonderful oil.

I am not a big user of cosmetics or beauty products, unless you count moisturizer, which I really cannot live without; I’ve never used makeup. I used to think, in my 20s, that it might not suit me because I wear glasses, and moreover, my eyes tend to water when I apply anything—smudging it and making the whole effort futile.

So I’ve stuck to taking good care of my hair and skin with homemade concoctions, usually from my kitchen shelf. In fact, we used to laboriously get various ingredients together to make our own special hair oil, impromptu facewash and face pack and cleansers.

During my childhood, I used to find it fascinating to watch my aunts grind sandalwood at night and apply it on their faces. They would listen to the radio for 20 minutes, and wash it off. Then they would massage their hair with special oil before bedtime. Of course they had fabulous hair and skin.

About eighteen years ago, when I first came across Banjara’s products at the supermarket, I was quite fascinated at their range. I remember buying their multani mitti to make my mud face pack mixed with fruit, and also their pure neem and methi powder to mix in my homemade recipe for hair and skin. Other products I’ve experimented with in their range are; hibiscus powder, black henna with aloe, amla powder, shikakai powder, kasturi turmeric, multani sandal, orange peel powder, and much more. They have an endless list. And all these come in small packs that are good for single or 2x use.

The best part was, their products—being 100% natural—suited me, what with my super-sensitive skin and rapidly falling hair. Over the years, I’ve bought their herbal henna powder and their other ingredients to make my own combinations. Have I mentioned that I first started using shampoo in my early 20s? Our household was quite strict about not buying packaged hair and skin products as we were afraid of the chemical content resulting in rashes. In any case, my folks were quite happy to make everything from scratch.

But as life got busier, the convenience of being able to buy readymade hair care and skin care could not be denied. I slowly transitioned to shampoo while traveling, while I stuck to the shikakai routine at home. Choosing personal care products can be quite a challenge as the experimentation happens at my own risk. When I came across Banjara’s travel-friendly shikakai hair pack, it was a relief. I always find it dicey to wash my hair in a hotel because there’s something about the water and weather that wreak havoc on my hair.

In a market filled with unlimited choices in skin and haircare products, it is reassuring to see a brand that focuses on using natural ingredients in its products, a brand that loves nature. There is something for everyone in the family, as you can see in the video. And of course, nothing compares to the beauty of nature.

My special favorites in their product range are:

  • Face Wash (Multani + Orange)

This is really wonderful for cleaning, removing excess oil, resulting in fresh looking skin.

  • Face Pack (Multani + Papaya) a refreshing quick facial spa at home

Multani mitti exfoliates, rejuvenates, reduces blemishes and gives you clear and glowing skin. The skin feels brighter and really soft.

  • Hair Oil (Samvridhi) for healthy hair, both before and after washing hair.

I like the idea of health and beauty via the goodness of natural personal care products—without any side effects.

The added bonus is that Banjara’s is listed under PETA’s cruelty-free companies. They do not use any animal ingredients in any of their products and the products are not tested on animals.

Truly, if you take care of Nature, Nature will take care of you.

Go ahead and sample of Banjara’s hair or skin care products based on your needs.

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Rachna March 5, 2017 at 8:49 am

Completely agree with you, Vidya. Natural products are the best. I really must try their powders for hair care. So much easier than slogging over preparing them.

Shalini March 6, 2017 at 8:19 am

I am forever looking for natural beauty products and some of these sound just unbelievably good.
Mom used to tediously make meetha n shikakai shampoo for our hair washing plus apply other stuff from her kitchen to ensure we had good skin n hair – today whatever it’s, it’s thanks to her care n concoctions.

Are these available in bangalore? Online options?

Vidya Sury March 6, 2017 at 9:15 am

Yes, Shalini. All the online stores stock them. (flipkart, amazon, etc.) And they’re good! I use them regularly!
Have a great week!
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