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What if we treated each new day as a fresh start?

by Vidya Sury January 1, 2020 4 comments
Treat each new day as a fresh start

As we usher in a new year, a new decade, I think it is important that every day is a new day.

A fresh start.

So maybe we’re eating breakfast with the same people. Or going to the same job and working with the same people. In fact, maybe not much has changed in our routine as we’re still doing all those things we did yesterday.

Still, there’s no arguing the fact that today is a completely new day.

We make fresh resolutions, some that we stick to, some that are forgotten faster than they are made.

When we think “new” we want everything to be magically different, we want dreams transformed into reality.

Yet, the choice to treat each new day as a fresh start – a gift is in our hands.

We have the choice to face this day in a new way—a way where we express our passion and our love for life, in a way that let’s us be enthusiastic for everything we do and to show how much we care for others. We can do all that. Because it is not yesterday, but today, a new day. This makes all the difference.

The way we choose to approach our day determines how our day turns out. What we decide to give the day helps to determine what we will get back from the day, what the day decides to give us back.

What if we decide to view what we have in life with gratitude, if we cherish every relationship, everything we had, every new moment—we could create days that we can store and cherish in our memories—we would treasure every relationship, every possession, every new moment. We would be adding days that we can hold in our memory bank with appreciation. Wonderful days that will all add up.

Why wait for the good days? From what I’ve seen so far, it is important to create the good days by letting our strengths and perspective to grow and become part of our creative experience instead of sitting back and hoping for good things to come our way.

We must recognize that there are good things everywhere around us, if only we choose to look.

Let’s wake up and notice that each day, a new sun rises. We must value our lives and live to the fullest, letting our passions help us create a life we can relish and enjoy.

Imagine this as a circle where, if we cherish our lives, we will be creating lives that we can cherish. What a beautiful circle that would be!

Let us choose to wake up each day and see it as a fresh start.

Let us pledge to be fully present through every moment of the day.

It is true that we cannot always control what happens, but we can definitely control how we react and respond.

Let us bring everything we have to each day, and live it fully.

Let us treat life as a gift.

If you don’t believe in New Year resolutions, you are not alone. But now is as good a time as any to take stock of what’s good in your life and what is not going as it should. Pause to review those aspects of your life that you consider important and perhaps consider what changes you need to make for these to work as you want them to.

Here’s a book recommendation:

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Points to ponder

How can you cherish each new day and make it special–a fresh start?

If you knew you only had a few days left, how would you live today?

Every day is a fresh start

Today a new sun rises for me;
everything lives,
everything is animated,
everything seems to speak to me of my passion,
everything invites me
to cherish it.

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Shilpa Gupte January 4, 2020 at 1:39 pm

Thank you for this beautiful post, Vidya! A much-needed reminder that time is slipping from our fingers like sand and that we need to not only make most of every minute we have here, but also to share love and good cheer with every soul we meet on our journey. 🙂
WIsh you a very happy new year! <3
Shilpa Gupte recently posted…My Word of the Year for 2020 – WELLNESS.

Shilpa Garg January 4, 2020 at 1:41 pm

Well said. Every day is an opportunity to have a fresh start. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday; all that counts is today. It does not have to be January 1st to give ourselves a chance to make the most out of our day – and our life. Every day is a new day and a fresh start to learn, grow, develop our strengths, heal yourself from past regrets or hurts, and move forward older and wiser!!
Shilpa Garg recently posted…My Word of the Year for 2020

Ashh Akanksha January 5, 2020 at 7:41 am

What a beautiful and positive post Vidya! It would be amazing if every person can think like that and starts living each day fully leaving worries behind. This will actually reduce stress from everyone’s life. Making memories by living each day to its fullest should be a Mantra for 2020 🙂

Birgit January 7, 2020 at 8:29 am

I like to always think that each day is new and some I wrap my arms around and other times, I let it pass but I always find something that makes me smile. Today, as the day progressed, my pain got worse and worse.i came home early tears and my hubby met me at the door. A new candle was lit on the table where my mom’s picture is and he placed her photo towards the library where Christmas music is still playing and the tree and everything is still up. How lovely is that!? Today is little Christmas and it was magic


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