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4 Important Reasons Why Family Counseling and Therapy Is Necessary

4 important reasons why Family counseling and therapy are necessary

In the current lock down quarantine situation, I am not surprised to see several therapists offering online family counseling and therapy. Quite thoughtful, I feel. Sometimes it is not enough to talk to our friends and family. We need professional help.

Family is the most important connection that human beings have. It’s the basic unit of society. Were it not for our biological instincts to protect our families, humans wouldn’t have advanced or evolved the way they have today.

But then, every family has its share of problems – stress, conflict, and other difficult situations. If not handled well and in a timely manner, most of these problems can lead to a crisis. Among the various methods a family may use to prevent a crisis in such times, family counseling and therapy is the most important and often, the most effective.

Here are 4 benefits of family counseling and therapy

Family counseling and therapy 4 reasons

1.     Better communication within the family

The importance of communication is often undervalued in relationships. This is especially the case when it involves a group of people; for instance, a family. Many people find it challenging to open up to other family members. This leads to disconnection and distance between family members, which is a perfect breeding spot for problems.

Nonetheless, a family therapist provides insights and tools that help family members to freely open up to each other and be understood more efficiently. Family counseling and therapy helps members to understand the importance of open and honest communication and understand their roles within the family. Result? Happier families, stronger relationships.

2.     It creates stronger family bonds

Conflicts are normal in any group. In fact, I would even say they are necessary to keep the relationship lively. In a family, sibling conflicts are common, and they bring disconnection within the family if they go unresolved. It’s common to find siblings fighting for attention or due to jealousy, among other things. Parents may invalidate the significance of such conflicts or fail to understand the children’s feelings. Consequently, they end up bringing up children with unresolved feelings.

With the help of a family counselor, you can understand the feelings of your children better, and it’s easier to bring them together. For your conflicting kids, a session with a family counselor can help them understand each other and settle their differences. This applies to all family members. Better relationships and stronger family bonds are created when family members begin to understand each other.

3.     A source of support during transitions

Crucial life transition moments can be extremely stressful. Transitions can be positive or negative. Things such as divorce, death, relocating, or empty nesting can disrupt family dynamics. During such times, family counseling can be the lifeline for members who are struggling. Family counseling and therapy can help here. A counselor can provide help with grief, communication, and adjusting to new circumstances.

4.     Building self-esteem

Poor family dynamics can result in some family members feeling bad about themselves. This is unfortunate. You see, we all need self-esteem to cope with life changes and cope well in society. The lack of self-esteem makes people vulnerable to peer pressure, health problems, and interpersonal problems. Luckily, this can be remedied with the help of a family counselor. When everyone in the family feels better about themselves, the family will live a more positive life, and they have better chances of succeeding in life.

As a family, you don’t have to wait for a crisis or a major life transition moment to seek help. Every family needs a family counselor. Contact Bayless Integrated Health Centre to inquire about counseling services.

What are your views on this?

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  • Reply
    Leana Lourens
    May 14, 2020 at 10:36 am

    This was a good read Vidya. To have a loving and caring family is the best that one can ask for. It’s normal to sometimes have quarrels and I agree one should always go that extra mile to try and get things smoothened out again. Family is everything 🤗

  • Reply
    sandy n vyjay
    May 14, 2020 at 6:15 pm

    Family counselling indeed makes sense for all the reasons that you have listed. Sometimes it is always best to talk to a neutral person, and this helps focus on issues that one would not even have realized existed in the first place. It is good to see many online services in this area, as we are in very testing times and many people are facing issues owing to being couped up inside for long.

  • Reply
    Lynne Huysamen
    May 17, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    As a recovering alcoholic and addict I spent a year in rehab as well as time in a psychiatric ward prior to getting clean. So I am no stranger to therapy! I am a huge fan of family counselling. So many people think that those that go to therapy are weak or have lots of problems, but it is really just about looking after your mental health. Families get stuck in old patterns and it is great to work through any underlying issues!

  • Reply
    Rachel Frampton
    June 15, 2020 at 6:43 am

    My family and I are going through a rough time ever since our father died; that’s why we’re considering fo hiring a therapist, who will be able to get us through these tough times. I agree with you that by seeking help from a counselor, we’ll be able to understand each other’s struggles and emotions. It’s also great to learn that they will help us regain our self-esteem which is beneficial in terms of coping with challenges.

  • Reply
    rachel frampton
    June 22, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    I’ve been planning to hire a counseling service because my quite helpless due to what’ I’m going through right now. Because of what’s happening to me, I can’t help but have a conflict with my family, therefore I agree with you that a counselor will be able to help us communicate better with one another. It’s also good to know that therapy is beneficial in terms of helping us develop a self-esteem.

  • Reply
    Adam Golightly
    August 7, 2020 at 3:20 am

    I liked what you said about how a counselor can help people deal with grief, communication, and help them adjust to new circumstances while helping them build better relationships. My mom has been thinking about going to see a professional so that she can get started to put her life back together. Getting some help so that she can get her life back on track and deal with all of the new changes.

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