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Getting Better Not Bitter #GratitudeCircle

by Vidya Sury January 4, 2021 5 comments
Getting better not bitter - Gratitude Circle

The year 2020, more than ever, needs our gratitude for all the life-lessons it taught us especially about getting better not bitter. And I have nothing but gratitude for all the blessings and the silver linings over the months.

2020 has had more blursdays than I care to remember. (Yup, that’s my new day of the week)

But I do I believe this year made me stronger. I choose to count my blessings—because this is how I wish to remember the year gone by rather than whine about what might have been. I prefer to appreciate what actually was!

Counting the treats not tricks

Getting better not bitter – with gratitude


This is something I miss very much. I think this is the longest stretch I’ve gone without going anywhere. I am glad 2020 started off with a bang for me – with travel. I was able to attend my uncle’s 80th birthday celebrations in Chennai. This was followed by a trip to Mohali for a week to my son’s campus, enjoying winter and the campus life.

And then, a couple of weeks later, I had the most fabulous road trip to Agra with my college classmate—we met after almost 35 years. And I did not even unpack after I got back home, because we were off again to Chandigarh for a week! So many wonderful memories to treasure and cherish with people I love. In the middle of all this, we did celebrate our wedding anniversary,

Time with son

In the first weekend of March, our son came home for a week’s break. Little did we know that he would not be able to return to campus. Thus, started the long, long lockdown. I am grateful he was home safe with us, and that we were all together.

Important milestones

In the middle of all this, our son graduated and is now an MS. He also started his PhD classes. He can’t travel abroad now, but his University kindly allowed him to attend classes remotely, so that’s a big blessing. We are also very happy that we were together for all our birthdays, something that hasn’t happened for five years now!


The year gone by had me cooking – a LOT. I made no yeast bread for the first time. I made a no-oven whole wheat garlic bread as well that turned out fabulous. Then there were cakes, a ton of new recipes and so much fun experimenting. Also, we are happy, maybe even proud that we have not ordered food from outside for ten months now.

Gratitude Circle

Fitness and health

Although I walk regularly, unexpected rains put a spanner in the works. And so, I enrolled in fitness classes in September with Janaki. I also turned a year younger and wiser. Also, I have better blood sugar levels. I am so grateful for the reasonably good health we have had so far.

Serious stuff

We filed our taxes. I don’t know why, but this activity always drives me nuts even though I have a professional doing the actual work. Just getting the papers together freaks me out. And of course, I end up feeling sheepish at the end of it all. This year was no exception. Truth is, the CA is my friend and as we get the work done, we enjoy lunch together, chat a lot and have a really pleasant day.


The first half of the year was not great. Workflow dwindled to a zero and many payments were due. Everyone was feeling the pinch of the pandemic. I just practiced deep breathing because what could I do but wait? Around September things began to look up a bit and I hope that keeps up. Recovery has been hard. Keeping the faith, though. I kept myself busy by enrolling for some courses and educating myself.


Absolutely unrelated are some things I did on impulse. For one, I chopped off my hair one fine day. Really short. Oh, it has grown to the point I can tie it up again, but it was fun.

Better not bitter

Sure, we had our share of the usual repairs. It began with my specs breaking in March immediately after the lockdown started and I panicked. But did manage to get a new pair. Our appliances went on the blink, the lights went off and with shops closed and technicians off the grid, life did look uneasy but that too passed.

I also managed to have a nasty fall to round off the year but luckily did not break anything. Recovery was slow, but well, I wasn’t rushing anywhere, was I?


The pandemic did not stop me from blogging, although I must say I have been slacking off a bit, thanks to being busy offline. Still, I did enjoy the April A to Z Challenge as usual.

Ah, and I celebrated blog anniversaries for both my health blog, which turned 12 and this  blog, which turned sweet 17!

Oh, an announcement!

I will no longer send out email alerts every time I publish a post. Instead, I will send a chatty newsletter twice a month. If you haven’t already, may I invite you to sign up?


Thank you!



Now, just for fun, I did an A-Z of 2020 that I’d like to share with you!

  • An accident where I did not break anything even if recovery took longer than I could have wished.
  • Baked bread for the first time, Baked garlic bread, Baked cakes – a LOT! And? Better blood sugar levels, yay!
  • Birthdays – Everyone was home for their birthday—I don’t know when that will happen again so this is definitely memorable. Thank you 2020!
  • Cooked a LOT!
  • Delhi-Agra road trip and lots of dessert
  • A lot. And Exercising with Janaki.
  • Family at home. Oh, the bliss. Yes, really! I am just ignoring the annoying moments. Friends.
  • Graduation of my son—who’s now an MS and is doing is PhD. Is this the baby I just seem to have brought home?
  • Home sweet home – so grateful
  • Income tax filing done – what a relief
  • Juggling the joy family at home, of no work and being offline and various jinxed stuff
  • Kaleidoscope of good and not so great
  • Lockdown life – I think we rocked it
  • Masks are our new faces. More time-wasting.
  • Nice neighbors. New routines, New normal.
  • Okay with the routine now, okay with observing the trend, occasionally off balance but okay with that.
  • Prime video – bingeing on crime and comedy shows. Oh, the bliss of bingeing!
  • Questions, so many questions and some without answers
  • Reading – lots and lots of books! I was in crime and serial killer heaven.
  • Social distancing is our life now.
  • Treats and plenty of those. See? Better not bitter.
  • Unexpected bright spots and dim spots too.
  • Vulnerable feeling but feeling victorious about many things. And of course, cherishing the value of life.
  • Work dwindled, then picked up. Thank you 2020 for the down time that allowed me to do a lot of things I wouldn’t otherwise have.
  • Xocolatl – yes, for what of an X word. We did have chocolate.
  • Yearlong learning – about self, about life, about people. Also realizing the importance of YOLO.
  • Zoom calls galore! Video conferencing deserves an award for helping me keep in touch with family, friends, and clients. Also, Zen took a new meaning for me—I am proud of myself for staying calm through most shitty situations this year and that includes accidents, deaths, losses and more.

Getting Better Not Bitter Gratitude Circle

As I said, we had our share of silver linings, not the least of which were a comfortable home, food to eat and family together. As time goes by, isn’t it great that we have to think really hard to remember the crappy stuff? We tend to remember the good things, usually.

Overall, I feel that we managed 2020 pretty well. It even had me seriously wondering if I do want to go back to what we knew as the “old normal”. Just goes to show that we are adaptable to any situation that is thrown at us.

Whether 2021 is better or not, I am pretty sure we can handle it. Practicing gratitude means getting better not bitter.

I wish you a healthy and joyful year ahead!

How did 2020 go for you? Did you count your blessings?

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Soumya January 6, 2021 at 4:09 pm

Trust you to make an A to Z for 2020 🙂

You had an accident? I hope you have completely recovered now. Weirdly, 2020 made me a better person too and it was one of the best years of my life. I mean, pandemic aside.

Congrats to junior V on his MS! It must have been so much fun having him around for a long time. That road trip with your classmate sounds amazing! Especially after 35 years! Come on, aren’t you 24?

IT returns is a serious affair indeed. Thankfully, we have a CA friend too who does it for us. I have tried so hard but have never been able to wrap my head around it. I want to though, so I’ll keep trying.

Wishing you a fabulous and healthy 2021, Hottie! And yes, we’ll talk more often now <3
Soumya recently posted…Action Replay + Gratitude List: 2020

Vinitha January 13, 2021 at 10:05 pm

2020 definitely left behind some stories for us to retell, right? I think the uncertain nature of the year gave us a better sense of gratitude despite the negative properties we attribute to 2020. In a way, this difficult circumstance helped us to understand what is really important to us.
I loved that AtoZ of 2020, Vidya. It reminded me of an Abcderian poem.
It makes me happy to read your posts. This year I would like to do more of that. 🙂
Vinitha recently posted…Fill Your Cup With Gratitude #SoulfulSunday

Vidya Sury January 14, 2021 at 9:56 am

Thank you for the lovely comment, Vinitha! I am so glad we are connected!

Sanch @ Sanch Writes January 27, 2021 at 7:09 am

I love the lessons you have had in 2020 despite how tough the year was. It’s easy to write it off as a bad year overall but I do think we’ve all had lessons and moments of gratitude. Love the fact that you managed to have an A to Z of 2020 and there is no doubt, Zoom had to feature with Z! I hope 2021 is a kinder year overall and at least with fewer health issues accidents for you!
Sanch @ Sanch Writes recently posted…Hello 2021

G Angela February 6, 2021 at 11:03 pm

I am wondering how I missed this first post of 2021 Vidya – I always keep looking for your post, and it surprised me that I have not seen this post. Even though i have made a gratitude post for January, 2021. Its always a pleasure to read your post. You have highlighted so many things that i can relate to, yes the lessons of 2020 is unforgettable, and we have slowed down so much and actually spend time as a family, trying new recipes, connecting on zoom and google meet. Nice to hear about your son doing his PhD. Thanks for always inspiring and motivating, appreciate you for the dose of positivity whenever I visit your blog.
G Angela recently posted…January, 2021 Gratitude


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