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How to create a safe and secure home environment (5 essential tips)

by Vidya Sury April 30, 2021 3 comments
how to create a safe and secure environment at home

Your home should be your sanctuary, a safe and secure place where you and your family feel comfortable and relaxed. But wanting to create a safe and secure home requires conscious effort. Among the common things we usually worry about – traffic, noise pollution, noisy neighbors, safety from burglars and domestic accidents top the list.

Since all of these are potential threats, it is crucial to look at ways to figure out how to make your home safe and secure. How to do this effectively?

5 tips to create a safe and secure environment at home

Here are five tips to create a safe and secure home environment

1.     Install a home alarm system

The first step to create a safe and secure home environment is to protect your property from intruders. There’s nothing that can give you greater peace of mind than a home alarm system. This technology allows you to monitor your property remotely from wherever you are.

You can receive alerts in real-time whenever someone approaches your home. With video monitoring, you can also gain access to live video streaming of your property. By understanding alarm system technology, you will realize that this is exactly what your home needs to give you peace of mind.

2.     Build living fences

Shrubs, bushes, and trees can create so-called living fences between your home and the outside world. They are environmentally-friendly and can help you maintain your privacy, keeping curious passersby at a distance. They can also minimize the amount of street noise that reaches your home while creating a layer of protection against pollution. If you have a tree near your window, consider moving it or reinforcing your window to make it secure.

You can build a green living fence in the front yard or even your balcony if you live in an apartment but don’t let it be so high that it offers an intruder ample cover. Keep it trimmed.

Of course, a green wall will not protect you from all types of home threats, but it can drastically improve your privacy. Moreover, being surrounded by green vegetation has many well-documented benefits for your well-being.

3.     Check your home for potential weaknesses

Another effective way to create a safe and secure environment at home is to examine all indoor and outdoor spaces for potential weak spots. For example, if you have a hollow core front door that someone could easily kick open, you need to upgrade to something sturdier. A steel or solid hardwood front door can offer increased protection.

Inspect all your windows and sliding glass doors from outside, and make sure they don’t open easily. Intruders look for sliding doors that are easy to open, so make sure yours are protected with a window bar or dowel in the track so that it cannot be forced open. Today, technology offers door sensors that alert you if someone tampers with the glass door.

It’s also a good idea to replace existing locks on all exterior doors with high-quality lock hardware. Consider installing a deadbolt and upgrading to smart locks. Many people prefer to add security with a video doorbell. Your garage door may also be a security weakness, so check if there’s any possibility that someone can open it from the outside.

4.     Don’t hide your spare key outside

Let’s say you go on vacation and ask a friend to water your plants. It seems easy to leave a spare key to an exterior door hidden somewhere outside the home. Many people do this in the least original ways: they leave the key under the doormat or a beneath a flower pot. And these are the most vulnerable locations—that just about anyone can guess. You can bet that your intruder will probably look there first. Even if you find a better hiding spot, the security risk is still too high. A more secure way to share your key with a trusted friend or family is to personally hand it over to them.

5.     Have adequate lighting outside

Besides making sure you don’t stumble on your way to your front door, outdoor lighting can make burglars think twice about approaching your property. Have enough lighting in your front and backyard, along pathways and around your garage. Use motion-activated lights. Install a timer. You can also save energy by installing solar powered lighting.

Create a safe and secure home environment for you and your family with these tips!

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