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6 Important Ways Having Flowers at Home Enhances Your Wellbeing

by Vidya Sury June 19, 2021 2 comments
6 Ways Having Flowers at Home Enhances Your WellBeing

Do you enjoy having flowers at home?

Flowers are very easy to love. Almost everyone appreciates a good bunch of well-selected blooms for any occasion. They’re also great gift ideas for someone special. The lovely colors and fragrant aroma of fresh blossoms effortlessly bring out the best moods and happy thoughts in people who see and receive them.

Flowers don’t tell, they show. – Stephanie Skeem

As simple as they may be, do you also realize how flowers can affect mental and emotional health as a whole? My Mom always insisted on having flowers at home – whether it was the jasmine garlands at the altar or the magnolia champaca she loved for its heady fragrance, or the little wild bouquets in vases all over the house – she just loved them. I must admit flowers are an uplifting sight.

If you haven’t thought about it yet, here are at least six reasons to have flowers at home to enhance your wellbeing:

6 reasons to have flowers at home

6 reasons to have Flowers at home

1.    Flowers Connect People Intimately

Flowers are like friends; They bring color to your world.

Fresh blooms have always been associated with romance and intimacy between people. In a time when everyone is encouraged to isolate because of the pandemic, it can get quite depressing to have to disconnect from people who matter the most to you. In such times, why not reconnect with special persons in your life by sending them lovely floral arrangements?

Check with a local florist in your area if you wish to personally find the great variety of flowers that you can choose from. Make someone feel special and remembered by sending a glowing and vibrant bundle of lilies and white hydrangeas that may be mixed with different colors of roses and white snapdragons. These flowers readily blend in with any kind of interior or home décor and would surely make others feel intimately connected with you no matter where they may be.

Lavender flowers at home for your wellbeing

2.    Flowers Help People Heal

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. – Luther Burbank

If you’re going through something, having flowers at home around you might help in making the healing process less challenging. Flowers have long been a symbol of love and affection and have long been a source of inspiration.

For this reason, recovering and sick patients always find comfort in receiving flowers while at the hospital or on bed rest. It’s a very common get-well-soon message to family and friends who aren’t in their best mental and physical states.

Some flowers, like echinacea, are also said to be a home remedy for the common cold. The extracts of the plant are said to help the immune system fight off elements that can harm the body. Aside from using the extract of the plants, the moisture it gives off helps clear your environment during the dry winter months. The moisture coming from the flowers help with dry skin or dry cough.

There is increasing evidence that exposure to plants and green space, and particularly to gardening, is beneficial to mental and physical health.

Colorful fresh cut flowers and blooming or green plants could be a complementary medicine for patients

Pansies flowers at home for your wellbeing

3.    Flowers Might Help You Concentrate Better

Where flowers bloom, so does hope. – Lady Bird Johnson

You probably have always known how being around plants seems to make you feel more focused when trying to accomplish tasks. Imagine having your favorite flowers and colors around you whenever you need to study or work at home. The calming influence of fresh blooms makes any space a conducive environment for learning.

When you’re able to concentrate better, it might also lead to better memory retention. You get to remember important details, whether for work or school, and even for other aspects of your lifestyle. So, the next time you’re too busy and feel the need to relax, take some time off to buy yourself a bouquet of freshly picked flowers and smell its fragrance as you go about it. You might be surprised just how invigorating that could be.

Tulips flowers at home for your wellbeing

4.    Flowers Trigger Happy Thoughts

Happiness is to hold flowers in both hands – Japanese proverb

One of the most obvious ways that having flowers at home improves your mental health is by making you feel better. Most people who have flowers or plants in their home tend to be happier than people without them. The reason for this is that a person’s mood tends to reflect greatly upon the status of their home.

Also, if the flowers were gifted by someone special, the more happy they’ll make you each time you look at them. The same works even when you bought the flowers yourself, especially if you were able to pick the ones you like the most.

Here are some flower varieties that can instantly lift and brighten the mood:

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Lisianthus
  • Jasmine
  • Calendulas
  • Sunflowers

Decorating your home with fresh blossoms could benefit not just the people who live there, but also those who would occasionally come to visit and just hang out.

The homey and cozy ambiance of the home can make anyone feel instantly lighter and happier. Even kids appreciate going around a space that’s filled with a pleasant aroma and a colorful vibe.

Crocus flowers at home

5.    Flowers Help Promote A Healthier Lifestyle

Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts. – Sigmund Freud

Another great thing about having flowers at home is that it promotes a healthier lifestyle. A lot of research has been done to show that people who care for flowers and plants tend to live longer than those who don’t. This is because they’re less stressed out and generally healthier.

When you’re less stressed, you tend to follow a healthier lifestyle like doing regular exercise and eating right. When you feel too much stress, you tend to slack off and eat foods high in fat and sugar and that’s not good at all.

Primrose flowers at home for your wellbeing

6.    Flowers Keep You Busy and Entertained

Take time to smell the roses. – Proverb

If you enjoy making floral arrangements for your home, it surely keeps you busy and entertained. Being busy is, indeed helpful, especially when things seem to have slowed down since the implementation of lockdowns and quarantines in different countries. Learning how to arrange and decorate with flowers can be a whole new hobby that you can take on and enjoy.

If you have kids, it’s also a good opportunity to teach them something new and engage one another with learning fun stuff about flowers. Maybe they’d be interested in drying flowers and keeping them for long weeks or even months. You can teach them how to properly dry and store flowers such as English lavenders, roses, amaranths, and baby’s breath.

Flower vase Flowers at home

As you can see, flowers aren’t only perfect for decorating your home—they also serve other purposes that can greatly enhance your wellbeing. They have this amazing power to cheer people up when they’re feeling down. Flowers can also improve concentration and help you reconnect with people on a more intimate level.

The next time you feel like redecorating your family room or any space in your home, consider adding bundles of fresh blooms around your house. Gather your old vases, tall containers, and even pitchers that you no longer use in the kitchen, and start putting together different colors and types of flowers.

A quick tip to improve your health and wellbeing with flowers at home

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Regina March 1, 2022 at 8:26 pm

Thank you for sharing this! Additionally, plants can improve indoor air quality. Poor air quality in your home can cause serious ailments such as respiratory diseases, severe headaches, heart problems, and even cancer.

ESCO July 15, 2022 at 7:10 pm

That’s a good point. But remember that just putting some plants all over the house is not enough for good air quality. Actually, the main cause of poor indoor quality in homes is dirty air conditioner filters. When they become clogged, they don’t purify air properly and all the pollutants circulate around the house.
So, in addition to having indoor plants, replace air filters regularly to ensure good air quality in your home.


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