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How building your Emotional Intelligence can make you Happier and Healthier

How building your Emotional Intelligence can make you Happier n Healthier

I’ve always been fascinated by how the smartest people are not always the most successful people in life. Nor are they the happiest. Those who excel in academic achievements often lack social skills and are not always the ones to bag the best jobs. On the other hand, we hear stories of school dropouts who are highly successful. They are happy, they have great relationships and they’re well-liked. Truth is, just having a high IQ (intelligence quotient) is not enough…

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Unplugged is my new luxury. I am grateful #Gratitude #mindfulness #inspiration
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Unplugged and Grateful #GratitudeCircle

Unplugged. Grateful. Happy. Sounds blissful, right? It did, to me…but only after I accepted the unplugged part. And only after I was convinced that all almost devices and the Internet are conspiring against me. The past month, I made…

why forgiveness heals
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Why Forgiveness Heals

To err is human. In the process, people get hurt. If only one could turn the clock back and undo what happened. But there is a way. Forgiveness Everyone makes mistakes. We hurt others. Others hurt us.  Luckily, we…