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Did I Smile Today?

by Vidya Sury March 16, 2015 14 comments
smile vidya sury

I am sad. A dear friend has passed away. I called her to confirm our date this week and it broke my heart to hear her son’s voice tell me that his mother was no more. Then her Mother’s sobs on the phone, mirroring mine. I am struggling to come to grips with the news, along with the news of another close friend’s passing just a couple of weeks ago. I am trying hard to get on with my routine. Really hard. Because I’ve made commitments I must keep and because no matter what, life goes on.

I thought it would do me good to ask myself “Did you smile today?” for a change. My eyes are all cried out. I walked longer than usual today. I know life has to and will go on.

A little later, while browsing my Bloglovin’ feed I saw my friend Janine’s post “30 things that make me smile” and went right over.

Turned out to be a bloghop. A fabulous one!

Maybe just what I needed today. I picked the prompt “30 things that made you smile” Because I needed to.

And as usual, I couldn’t stop at 30.

collecting smiles vidya sury

Here are more than 30 things that make me smile…in very random order.

    1. My son and husband arguing discussing math problems. Love the sounds of their voices washing over me, around me.
    2. The fragrance of freshly ground curry leaves and the anticipation of enjoying it with hot rice and ghee
    3. Coffee. Enough said.
    4. Curd rice. Comfort food. Add mango pickle and it is a direct route to heaven
    5. Sury’s jokes and puns. Hilarious
    6. Conversations with my little “Friends” in the elementary school
    7. Puppies playing. Which means dogs. Especially my friend’s Rottweiler – who talks to me on the phone and even sings to me. Truth! She knows when I am on the phone and makes noises into the receiver for me!Learning Curve Dogs
    8. Kites, parrots, mynahs and crows soaring in the sky followed by bats when I walk on my terrace in the evening
    9. Hugs from family and friends when I least expect them.
    10. An empty kitchen sink especially when I didn’t do the washing up. Same goes for an empty laundry bin!
    11. The aroma of baking in our home.
    12. My pressure cooker – makes my life so easy and saves fuel
    13. The sight of flowers on the ground filling the air with their fragranceVidya Sury Soul Smiles flowers
    14. My flower lady’s smile – and her concern over whether I’ve had something to eat and how much jasmine I’d like for my Mom
    15. Memories of my Mom
    16. Watching cartoons with my son – so feel-good, so cozy.
    17. A letter informing me of a tax refund
    18. The pigeons in my verandah. Yeah, I love-hate them. Can’t deny they’re fun to watchvidya sury pigeons happiness (1)
    19. The sound of my best friend’s voice when she calls every week and the trip down memory lane and catching up
    20. The thought of serving lunch at my local welfare home twice a month, talking to the girls there and singing with them
    21. My son writing poetry or sketching for me to cheer me up
    22. Having the soles of my feet tickled
    23. Bitter gourd. Love it. Love the way my Mom made it
    24. Memories of walks with my friends
    25. Mangoes. It doesn’t matter that they’re now forbidden fruit.Happiness hotspots mangoes
    26. My son singing, laughing. His kindness and gentle nature
    27. Bus travel and overhearing random conversations that bliss me out
    28. Elderly couples being thoughtful and kind to each other
    29. My stash of books – my bookshelves at home and my digital library – enough to read for as long as I live, but never satisfied. I love my desperation to accumulate and read
    30. The look on my son’s face when I tell him what’s for dinner gratitude list pizza vidya sury
    31. Kindness of strangers – an unexpected good turn
    32. Hearing “I love you” from my family and friends
    33. Writing checks for my favorite charities, love that time of year and the smiles I collect.
    34. Traveling to places in India and discovering the beauty of my incredible country
    35. My computer. Because it means connections and conversations. This includes my phone.Present Moment Vidya Sury tshirt
    36. My teachers. I feel so lucky to have been in touch with them long after I left school
    37. My work, writing, blogging.
    38. Music – I have playlists in my head and when they’re not playing on my system, they’re playing in my head. Which accounts for my constant humming and playing song-tag with myself.
    39. Online shopping. Because it is convenient and saves time.
    40. My camera, because I love photography and enjoy capturing life

      Vidya Sury Personal Responsibility broomstick

      This guy sets up shop every day on the roadside. He sells very good broomsticks for cheap. Yes we rely on him.

    41. My photo albums. Great trip down memory lane
    42. South Indian Thali. Love the menu.
    43. The sight of a Mother cuddling her baby.
    44. Connecting with an old friend I haven’t heard from in a while.
    45. A lovely note from WorldofMoms about my blog post there.
    46. My box of earrings and junk jewelry – love the memories associated with each one.
    47. My home – dust, mess and all. Because it is home. And I love it.
    48. The fact that the hosts of the Friday Reflections blog hop both have the word “reflections” in their website urls.
    49. Appreciation from a client
    50. Sketching and paintingTen easy ways to Buy Happiness
    51. Seeing a normal reading on my blood sugar test strip
    52. Freshly laundered bedsheets – bliss to lay on them
    53. The fragrance of the mixture of soap and shampoo and after shave when my husband emerges from his bath
    54. Finding a newspaper cutting of Simon Baker on my table, thoughtfully put there by my son/husband (oh this is not the pic, but it is one of my favorites of The Mentalist)vidya sury smiles
    55. Which brings me to all police procedurals – Columbo, Monk – yes I got the box sets. Go ahead and judge me.
    56. Hearing my folks yell from the other room like it was a matter of life and death to tell me my favorite song was on TV and running over to see the last scene fading away
    57. Watching children talk to themselves, with actions
    58. My favorite friends at my son’s school offering me their snacks – one broken potato chip, so much love!
    59. The sight of my altar after I light the lamp to pray first thing in the morning if tears could build a stairway
    60. Your comments.

Now – tell me what made you smile today?

You are never fully dressed until you’re wearing a smile

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Nisha March 16, 2015 at 2:52 pm

While nothing can compensate for the absence of a lost one, life does go on with its ups and downs. And like you have rightly pointed out – there are more happy moments in our life than the sad ones.
Nisha recently posted…On Being Passionate

vanita March 16, 2015 at 7:42 pm

you always make me smile mama. so sorry for your loss. love you bunches.

My Inner Chick March 16, 2015 at 10:09 pm

I loved every single word.

You are such a joy!

2.The fragrance of freshly ground curry leaves**
(Simple, yet memorable & amazing.)

you. make. me. smile.

PS. I’d LOVE (one day) for you to make me REAL Indian food. WOW. Perhaps, in my dreams.

Marie March 16, 2015 at 10:33 pm

Beautiful list Vidya. Yes life is full of these beautiful moments. We need to recall them when we hear such sad news of lost friends, death or sickness of loved ones. These things are showing us that life is worth it. They allow us to be sad for a while and laugh in the middle of salty tears. Thinking of you.
Marie recently posted…Warrior Time

Fran Sorin March 17, 2015 at 5:09 am

Dear Vidya-
Know that my thoughts, prayers, and ‘smiles’ are with you! Much love, Fran

Vidya Sury March 21, 2015 at 5:00 pm

Thank you dear Fran!
Vidya Sury recently posted…Happiness Is A DIY Project

simple girl March 17, 2015 at 2:33 pm

Sorry to hear about your loss..
Hugs to you dear……….
simple girl recently posted…Random

Vidya Sury March 21, 2015 at 5:00 pm

Thank you!
Vidya Sury recently posted…Happiness Is A DIY Project

Ashwini CN March 18, 2015 at 12:03 am

I cannot imagine what you must be going through. We are never prepared for the news of someone’s death and that is perhaps why it hits us hard. My prayers to you and to your friend’s family.

I read through the list and could relate to a lot of it. And then I realized that the things which make us happy are very simple things, perhaps we underestimate them or take it for granted most of the time!

I’m going to come up with a list and look at that when I’m not in a good mood, hope that would help me!
Ashwini CN recently posted…Breaking Queues

Vidya Sury March 21, 2015 at 4:59 pm

It is tough, Ash – the shock has to wear off and be replaced by the good memories. Life goes on, regardless and we learn to cope.

As for the list, I’ve found that it is always the little things that bring the greatest joy. Would love to see yours! Thank you for stopping by!
Vidya Sury recently posted…They #MakeItHappen all the time #IWD2015 @UN_Women

Lekha Warrier March 18, 2015 at 2:09 pm

Reading such write ups from resilient people like you. That’s what makes me smile. That’s what makes me rummage the corners of my brain for rays of hope. Life goes on doesn’t it. It seems so mechanical at times. But its in our hands to take out its monotony… just like you do.

🙂 Cheers
Lekha Warrier recently posted…The little mayhem called life

Birgit March 22, 2015 at 2:43 am

My head is off the pillow today! This flu and bronchitis really knocked me for a loop. I am still very shaky. Now I am so sorry to hear about 2 of your friends passing away. it sounds like your last friend was quite a surprise and that is most difficult. You are inspiring and I often like to read your blog last because it always puts a smile on my face:) You have a knack for always looking at the colours rather than the greys. So I first want to say I love how creative you are, not only in writing but in your photography and your drawing! It is so cute and sweet. I’d like to see more:) My other smiles-I took a shower today (Finally had the strength, my hubby telling me not to touch anything as he washes the clothes and cleans the house. My Wallace who looks at me and then burps (our doggie), our pussy cats especially Jade who kept me company sitting on my tummy while I laid out on the couch. TV-I didn’t have the ability to follow any movie but at least it kept my mind off my illness a bit. A big hug to you
Birgit recently posted…I’m sick

Claudya March 22, 2015 at 10:04 pm

Vidya, I am so very sorry for the loss of loved ones. I’m glad you are finding time to smile and can I tell you I have the biggest crush on Simon Baker?
Claudya recently posted…Attack of the Ladybugs (Sundays In My City)

Vidya Sury March 22, 2015 at 10:22 pm

Thank you Claudya. It has been a tough week – we were supposed to get together on Wednesday and … oh, it is so hard to get over.
But life goes on, eh.
Simon Baker. Sigh. I get to ogle at him every day for an hour – when I watch The Mentalist. He’s hot!
Vidya Sury recently posted…My Happiness Checklist #InternationalDayofHappiness


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