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15 ways to beat procrastination #Infographic

by Vidya Sury January 1, 2015 1 comment
procrastination vidya sury

Procrastination. Who hasn’t experienced it? Happily, for those of us who felt that sheepish twinge of guilt, procrastination does not equal lazy. Ask my Mom. She always teased me about how the eleventh hour or the last minute was my favorite moment. Strangely, to this day, when I delay doing something, it always turns out to be the best decision. Gut feeling. Good ol’ intuition kicking in.

Often, procrastination can be due to some kind of tension, stress or anxiety. Or just trying to be a perfectionist. And we all know “perfect” should be a myth. The infographic below indicates that one out of five adults suffers from chronic procrastination – so there’s plenty of company there.

The infographic also shows you 15 ways to beat procrastination and conquering your to do list if you have one. So pull up those – whatever works for you – and get going! Whether or not you believe in resolutions for the New Year, it feels good to pick up that pencil and tick off the stuff we’ve been meaning to do. It certainly does, for me. I think the infographic gives some pretty good tips to overcome procrastination – and it comes at a good time, when we are all energized and raring to go.

15 ways to beat procrastination

15 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Infographic courtesy Essay Expert

So – do you give in to procrastination? How do you overcome it? I’d love to know in the comments.

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procrastination vidya sury

See? We are not alone!

BlogHer’s January 2015’s NaBloPoMo – the theme this month is “habit” Very apt, I think!

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Betsy/Zen Mama January 6, 2015 at 5:34 am

My best ideas and projects are often the ones I procrastinate upon. I sometimes wonder if I work better that way. Maybe if I can let go of the stress that accompanies procrastination I might find that it works for me!
Thanks for all you great ideas Vidya!
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